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“For any writer who’s ever been attached to their work for way, way too long—in other words, when all objectivity has flown out the window—to find someone who not only understands what the hell you’re doing but how the hell to actually improve upon it, is the sort of person that makes you go, 'Man, where have YOU been!?' That’s Karmen. . . . She’s infuriatingly talented.” 
- Mike Weir, author

Books & Manuscripts

Have you ever been completely sunk in a novel you lost track of time? Has a character ever seemed so authentic that you remember them like an old friend long after reading? This is what great literature can do, and I can help guide you and your manuscript to a well-structured and engaging story that will linger in the minds of readers.

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation is a great place to start if you're looking for a fresh set of eyes and an objective perspective. With this service, I will read through your work and provide an editorial letter that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript—looking at structure, dialogue, character development, voice, flow, and more—and offer suggestions for improvement.  This may also include a phone meeting to address any larger issues or to answer any questions.

Substantive/Stylistic Edit 

The next level of editing is a Substantive/Stylistic Edit that provides a more in-depth look at the manuscript and may include recommendations for restructuring, rephrasing, and elimination of repetition, cliches, and jargon. With this service, I provide comments at the line level as well as an editorial letter. A phone meeting is included for further clarification on editorial suggestions and discussion of next steps. For an additional fee, I can also assist in your pitch to literary agents.


If you've ever considered adapting your novel for the screen, please find more information here.

Copyediting & Proofreading

The final stage is Copyediting. Spelling and grammatical errors can be a big turn off for publishers and producers (also offered for screenplays). In addition to grammar and punctuation, I will address the continuity and consistency of the story's mechanics and facts, and query any information that may need to be checked for accuracy. This service includes a style sheet. For publishers, I'm happy to adhere to house style guides and/or manuals, such as Chicago and APA, and am available for proofreading in the final stages of production. 


All edits are priced separately and may depend on the length of your manuscripts. For rates, please contact me with a brief synopsis, word count, and services needed. 

Services based on definitions.

Manuscript Evaluation
Substantiv/Stylistic Edit
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