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I'm a lifelong storytelling enthusiast and an editor on the move as a nomadic freelancer. It’s my goal to help elevate writers and their stories to the highest possible standard. Working with writers and helping them to create their best work has been a wonderful privilege, and I'm thrilled to offer my skills and knowledge to those honing or developing their craft. 

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As an editor, I prefer not to tell you what needs to change in your work but instead guide you to an understanding or spark an idea so that you can grow as a writer and continue to create better and better stories for me to obsessively consume—it’s all quite selfish, really.  


I'm a horror nut and a member of the Horror Writers Association. I'm passionate about working with writers whose stories confront the dark, bizarre, and terrifying webs in the corners of our minds. But don't let that scare you off—I bring equal enthusiasm to all I edit, including character-driven literary and contemporary fiction, speculative and sci-fi, psychological thrillers, and even a little YA fantasy.  And with Shelf Made Creative Services, I'm able to work in my other passion of film through script editing with my expertise in concise, forward-moving storytelling and industry knowledge.

After my MA in Journalism, I took courses in the Ryerson Publishing Certificate, completed two internships at Penguin Random House Canada, and became an editor for a literary agent. Before starting SMCS, I was an editor at HarperCollins Canada where I provided editorial assessments and championed many talented authors such as Jessica Westhead, Steven Hall, Kate Eberlen, Dan Vyleta, Owen Nicholls, Karen McBride, Jeffrey Colvin, and Alison Taylor. 

I've been fortunate to work with exceptional writers, and I look forward to working with many more. My goal is to guide authors and screenwriters to a polished manuscript/screenplay they feel confident in bringing to audiences. Join my travels and add your story to mine as I nomad around the world editing your work!

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